About Gripa


Danish based company, developing and manufacturing accessories primarily for the food industry. Production takes place exclusively in Denmark.


SofTouch is our core product, solving difficult to handle products, together with QuickZhift this is enabling and optimizing higher performing production lines. We carry standard equipment, but our key focus is individually developed solutions for our customer’s demands.


Run through time for a prototype is usually 2-3 weeks from inquiry to the prototype is ready for approval.

Food safety is a high priority, when it comes to all products from prototypes to new products.



Food grade grippers


Gripa is registered by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

See inspection report here.

Gripa SofTouch



Customized gripper tools being a suction cup or a grasper, providing shape and function for the customers products and needs.


Each product properties are taken into consideration, such as pressure, suction sensitivity and fragility.


We customize and deliver a unique solution prioritizing a packaging process that is not only fast, but safe and non-damaging to your products.


Patent pending



Video made by DMRI of one of there projects where they use Gripa SofTouch and Quickzhift, Link to customer site DMRI

Gripa QuickZhift


Is a simple quick-change tool to switch between nearly all gripper tools, compatible with all robots.


In collaboration with our swivel unit and Gripas SofTouch products, you will get an optimal tool for your production.


Patented USD752668S1 - EF-001431902-0001





Gripa ApS

Knallen 1

9900 Frederikshavn



VAT: DK36499206


+45 40 37 16 51






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